Parenting a Child with Eczema

Since you’re parenting a child with eczema, you’re spending your days and nights comforting an itchy baby. You’re cleaning like crazy, slathering your baby in all kinds of products and medications, and planning meals in fear of food allergies. Everything you do is in fear of the next eczema flare-up.

And while doing all of it, You’re feeling trapped, overwhelmed, and sad. Too scared to go out in fear of the next flare-up or of someone giving your baby the wrong food. 

You see your baby’s crying itching face and you need to find a solution. When you look back at your tired eyes in the mirror and know you can’t keep going on this way. You need to feel like you’re in control again. 

I was where you are right now. I understand parenting a child with eczema. My baby and I cried together as I slathered on the recommended steroids that weren’t working in the middle of the night. I realized I was taking everyone’s advice and it wasn’t working, but I had to try something. He wasn’t happy and I wasn’t happy. What’s worse we weren’t making progress and I’d learned nothing. 

baby with eczema sleeps

But then I searched for the info I needed to make us happy again. I vowed to stop doing what other people were telling me to do if it didn’t work for us. I hugged my baby, soothed him (and myself), and came up with an eczema plan that worked for us. 

Today we no longer live in fear of the next eczema flare-up. We continue to tackle the flare-ups and dealt with every challenge that comes our way.

baby smiles after eczema photo

I’m happy to say he’s doing much better!

Today, what works for us I’m happy to share with other moms and dads. But mostly I’m here to help you find the information you need to find your own solution. Each eczema situation is unique, so every journey begins with self-discovery to get to the root cause.

If you want to feel freedom and understand the challenge of eczema, improve on the condition, and become free from the itchy nights and flare-ups YOU CAN. You have the discipline to do it, I’m just here to help you through it. 

Would you like to learn to improve your child’s eczema and get support from parents who understand the struggle?

If the answer is yes, please. 

Then let me show you around the Site.


Start with an overview on the eczema page to find out as much as you can about the incurable inflammatory disease. Read the eczema guide, get your cleaning checklist, and create a baby eczema or soothing skincare routine of your own.

If you need to learn more about eczema treatments take a look at 40+ eczema tips from parents like you. See if you’ve heard them all and if you’ve got a better tip leave a comment or send me an email to update the list.

title caption 40+ eczema tips that will work for you, Quick tips written on colorful popsicle sticks

We don’t attack or shame anyone’s decisions here so whether you’re an oatmeal bath lover or topical steroid user we’ve got information for you. What we really want to do is help you decide what kind of treatment you want to use. Read the steroid’s pros and cons list to get an understanding of how to communicate your viewpoint with your partner.

Then take a look at the product recommendations page, so you can see what we use to help clear eczema on the surface. Be sure to contact us to let us know about a product you love and want to share.

Be sure to contact us to let us know about a product you love and want to share.

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With these resources, you can begin your search for eczema triggers like food allergies.

Food Allergies

If food allergies are what brought you here, head to the food allergies page. Start by getting an answer to the question: What are Food Allergies? Then find a few meal ideas for toddlers with food allergies.

what are food allergies most common food allergies
healthy toddler meals

Read how I found out about my son’s allergies and the connection to eczema. If you have a family full of different dietary needs, find tips on how to plan a meal. Let’s go over what your options are to make life a little easier.

Most importantly, get the resources you need. Read “How to Keep a Food Allergy Journal for Kids,” to track your child’s possible allergies with a food allergy journal. Then stop by the brand new Eczema Mama Shop to get your Printable Food Allergy Journal and Symptom Tracker!

And when it comes time to teach your little one, siblings, and caregivers all about your child’s personal food allergies use the guide “How to Teach Your Children About Food Allergies,” and the FREE Top 8 Food Allergy Coloring Book.

Parenting Tips

For general knowledge, parenting advice, and fun stuff head over to our parenting tips page. I have parenting tips you may find funny or useful. We cover everything from military moves, virtual birthday parties, and pregnancy. Remember, it doesn’t have to be all serious business you need to laugh a little too.

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how to have a virtual baby shower

Take a look around and you’ll find the information you need about eczema, food allergies, and parenting. Share what you know in the comments and connect with me and other parents. We all benefit when we learn from different experiences.

If you have questions feel free to reach out on the contact page or send me an email. To get more info on me and my son, see the about page.

Finally, don’t forget to join the #eczemama community, leave your email below to sign up for the newsletter to get your freebies and news about the site. We have exclusives there like a list of 101 eczema tips, and the first look at new products.

Thanks for stopping by and parenting a child with eczema.

Happy Parenting!

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